Don't be surprised by your logistics costs

A real-time logistics cost control solution that helps you save time, money and make the right decisions -
with minimal effort.

Illustration of a shipping invoiceIllustration of a bill of ladingIllustration of a shipping quoteIllustration of an emailIllustration of an emailIllustration of an email
Illustration of a shipping invoiceIllustration of a bill of ladingIllustration of a shipping quoteIllustration of an email
Quote-to-Invoice Insights
Cinch dashboard notification for detention and demurrage value foundCinch dashboard notification for quote difference foundCinch dashboard notification for discrepancy foundCinch dashboard notification for conflicts found
Streamline Your Process

Simplifying Logistics:
Quote Invoice Insight

Cinch captures and analyzes all of your shipping data - from quote to invoice - so you can always stay on top of the risks and opportunities across your shipments.

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Save Money

Avoid unnecessary discrepancies and select better quotes. Identify incorrect or unexpected costs before it’s too late.

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Save Time

Empower your team by eliminating error-prone workflows and repetitive tasks. Efficiently allocate your human resources.

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Mitigate Risk

Identify and benchmark risks, such as billing errors or vendor conflicts. Make better decisions with better data and visibility.

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How Does Cinch Work?

All of Your Logistics Data,
in a Cinch

Cinch captures data from all of your existing platforms and utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to deliver essential insights, enabling efficient, real-time decision-making.

How Cinch works flow diagram
How Cinch works flow diagram
The Cinch Solution

Gain Full Control Over Your Shipping Spend

Spend Control Tower

Take control of your shipping spend with Cinch's comprehensive management solutions in order to
save money and optimize costs.

Illustration of a shipping invoice

Logistics Co-Pilot

Experience the future of logistics - save time using Cinch’s AI-driven intelligent support to view all of your shipments in one place - without switching systems.

Elements showing the AI logistics co-pilot feature from Cinch

Real-Time Insights

Unlock the power of actionable insights to gain immediate visibility into your shipment data. Stay ahead of the competition and mitigate risk by making informed decisions.

Elements showing real-time insights from a Cinch client dashboard

Stick with Your Current Tools & Workflows

Cinch seamlessly integrates with your organization’s tools and workflows, providing a user-friendly experience and maximizing productivity through effortless data synchronization and collaboration.

  • Plug and play deployment
  • Existing workflows enhanced
  • Reduced risk
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