Turning Shipping Instability into Stable Decisions

A logistics cost control solution that allows you to make informed shipping decisions - in real-time.

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Your Shipping Workflows,
in a Cinch

The solution effortlessly captures data from all existing platforms and analyzes it with AI technology, to deliver critical insights for efficient, real-time decision making.

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Capture Logistics Data

Boost efficiency with our advanced solution, eliminating manual data entry by connecting with existing tools and platforms.

Analyze & Organize

Rapidly detect real-time discrepancies and risks with accurate compliance through our multi-way matching invoice system.

Deliver Critical Insights

Benchmark vendors effortlessly and gain valuable insights, while tracking live shipments and investigating costs on the go.

Single Solution that Serves Your Entire Organization

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Mitigate Risk Through Freight Spend Visibility

Empower your business with a dashboard for all your shipping insights – one that not only pinpoints potential pitfalls but also spotlights opportunities for improvement. Bid farewell to the days of piecing together fragmented data, grappling with incomplete intel, or placing the weight of information generation solely on your team's shoulders. With a single click, gain a panoramic perspective of your logistics operations, equipping yourself to make data-driven decisions.

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Logistics Teams

Get a 360° View of Each Shipment

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually gathering data and documents for every shipment. Our cutting-edge AI platform eliminates the need for endless email searches and data sorting and makes sure all your data is in one place. It automatically processes documents and categorizes your information, giving you a streamlined view of your logistics data. With this bird's-eye perspective, you can take proactive measures to tackle challenges, fine-tune routes, and supercharge your efficiency.

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Finance Teams

Stay on Top of Your Bottom Line

Gone are the days of endless spreadsheet hunts and invoice puzzles when it comes to deciphering your logistics expenses. Get complete access to cost insights through easy-to-navigate screens that offer a clear overview of expenditures by vendor, while also allowing you to dive deep into invoice specifics. Armed with this information, you'll be able to make data-backed decisions on how to allocate your budget, negotiate vendor agreements with confidence, and devise effective strategies to mitigate cost volatility.

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Stick with Your Current Tools & Workflows

Cinch seamlessly integrates with your organization’s tools and workflows, providing a user-friendly experience and maximizing productivity through effortless data synchronization and collaboration.

  • Plug and play deployment
  • Existing workflows enhanced
  • Reduced risk
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