Cinch /sinCH/ verb

‘Doing things with ease and certainty’

In a sentence: “Logistics intelligence – in a Cinch!”

Our Story

Finally Making Logistics a Priority:
The Cinch Solution

At Cinch, we took the time to study and examine how logistics teams pay the price for the inefficiencies of the freight shipping market. As the freight tech space undergoes massive changes, there is yet to be a simple solution that gives teams full control and visibility on what’s going on in their shipping organization.

Our team, along with our cutting-edge solution, is dedicated to modernizing your logistics operations, saving you time and money, while also delivering business-critical insights about shipments, vendors, and the market.

We serve all levels of your organization - from logistics clerks to managers, all the way up C-Suite executives.

Our mission is simple - help free logistics and finance teams from repetitive and mundane tasks so they can focus on what truly matters - getting deliveries done on time and at cost.

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